Ned / Cross Pocket Scrub Pants

$94.00 USD

Size & Fit

It is a [Relaxed fit] based on [Regular size] with the same size system as ready-to-wear. It comes in S, M, L, XL and 2XL and please refer to the detailed product size.

Technical Specs

Features of self-developed fabric
1/ Using Anti-Microbial Yarn (Anti Microbial)
2/ Remarkably Soft
3/ BIO Enzyme Processing (Enzyme)
4/ Water Repellent
5/ Anti Static
6/ Wrinkle Free

Fabric Information

66% Tencel / 30% Reolite(Pet) / 4% Polyurethane

Washing Guide

1/ Water washing and dry cleaning are possible. (Use perchlorethylene or petroleum solvents)
2/ Wash with water temperature of about 30℃.
3/ It can be washed gently in a washing machine.
4/ Cannot be bleached with chlorine-based bleach.
5/ Covering the fabric over the fabric and ironing at 80~120℃ is recommended.
6/ Do not wring by hand, hang it on a hanger to dry in the shade.



  • Relaxed fit


NED CROSS POCKET SCRUB PANTS includes cross pocket with diagonal line as a detail along with a pocket that can also be used as a pen holder.

The color combination on the hip string adds sophistication to the overall design.

SOFNT's self-developed fabric guarantees high antibacterial properties, elasticity, and easy care.