ATVLO PRIMO™ Dain / Three Pocket Short Lab Coat

$185.00 USD

Size & Fit

It is a [Natural Line] based on [Regular size] with the same size system as ready-to-wear. It comes in S, M, L, and XL. Please refer to the product size.

Technical Specs

Technical Specs
1/ Maintaining a convenient style with anti-wrinkle processing
2/ Provides comfortable activity with excellent stretchability by using high-stretch yarn
3/ Provides a pleasant fit with a soft touch

Fabric Information

88% Polyester
12% Polyurethane

Washing Guide

1/ Water washing and dry cleaning are available. (Use of perchlorethylene or petroleum-based solvents)
2/ Wash with water temperature of 40℃.
3/ It can be washed gently in a washing machine.
4/ Cannot be bleached with oxygen or chlorine bleach.
5/ Covering the fabric over the fabric and ironing at 80~120℃ is recommended.
6/ Weakly squeeze by hand, hang on a hanger and dry in the shade.



  • Natural line

It is a short lab coat with a half-length coat that harmonizes with a classic design faithful to the basics and a soft touch.

It is a classic lab coat optimized for work activities with a neat and tidy design and stretchy fabric. Pocket details for 4 use added convenience as well as storage capacity.

[ Details ] MADE IN KOREA
1/ Neat design faithful to the basics in a clean white color - Natural line
2/ Ergonomic pattern design for comfortable movement
3/ Two-tier sleeve hem that can be easily repaired according to the length of the arm
4/ Designed with natural curves following the human body line
5/ 4 pockets add storage capacity and convenience
6/ Application of high-quality sewing technology through domestic production
7/ Improved activity with the back slit