Harper / Curved Headline Scrub Cap (unisex)

$29.00 USD

Size & Fit

It is a [regular fit] based on [Regular size]. It comes in S and M please refer to the detailed product size.

Technical Specs

Features of self-developed fabric
1/ Use of Anti-Microbial Yarn (Anti Microbial)
2/ Remarkably Soft
3/ Water Repellent
4/ Anti Static
5/ Wrinkle Free

Fabric Information

Outside: 77% Polyester / 16% Rayon / 7% Polyurethane
Inside: 100% Polyester

Washing Guide

1/ Water washing and dry cleaning are possible. (Use perchlorethylene or petroleum solvents)
2/ Wash with water temperature of 40℃.
3/ It can be washed gently in a washing machine.
4/ Cannot be bleached with oxygen or chlorine bleach.
5/ Covering the fabric over the fabric and ironing at 80~120℃ is recommended.
6/ Lightly squeeze by hand, hang on a hanger and dry in the shade.



  • Regular fit


HARPER CURVED HEADLINE SCRUB CAP is designed with a three-dimensional pattern to perfectly fit the headline, making it more comfortable to wear.

It can be worn conveniently with rubber band finish on the back and adjustable straps that are easy to adjust to various fits and sizes.

SOFNT's self-developed fabric guarantees high antibacterial properties, elasticity, and easy care.



Size (cm) S/41 M/42
20 21
Cross Section 25-31.5