ATVLO PRIMO™ Ronan / Denim Scrub Pants

$122.00 USD

Size & Fit

It is [Relaxed fit] based on [Regular size] with the same size system as ready-to-wear. It comes in S, M, L, XL, and 2XL, and please refer to the detailed product size.

Technical Specs

Technical Specs
1/ Maintaining a convenient style with anti-wrinkle processing
2/ Provides comfortable activity with excellent stretchability by using high-stretch yarn
3/ Provides a pleasant fit with a soft touch

Fabric Information

73% Polyester
21% Rayon
6% Polyurethane

Washing Guide

1/ Water washing and dry cleaning are available. (Use of perchlorethylene or petroleum-based solvents)
2/ Wash with water temperature of 40℃.
3/ There may be migration, so please wash with water alone.
4/ It can be washed gently in a washing machine.
5/ Cannot bleached with oxygen-based bleach.
6/ We recommend covering the fabric over the fabric and ironing at 80~120℃.
7/ Squeeze lightly by hand, hang on a hanger and dry in sunlight.



  • Relaxed fit

This is a DENIM EDITION of ATVLO, which combines denim material that was not seen in existing medical clothes. It is a premium product that can create a trendy and luxurious look at the same time.

The sophisticated color of black denim and the details of light gray color express delicate luxury.

The diagonal cross pocket can also be used as a pen holder, so you can use it conveniently with one scrub.

The signature black string, which represents ATVLO's premium line, adds to the product's neatness and chic.

1/ Standard fit design with diagonal pockets - Relaxed fit
2/ Use of spandex fabric for comfortable movement and cool and light wear
3/ Consists of 4 pockets including a unique cross pocket
4/ Signature black string and light gray color scheme details
5/ Application of high-quality sewing technology through domestic production